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Complex Commercial Litigation

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Constitutional Law

Appellate Law

Appellate Law:

Once a trial is over, sometimes so is the case. On the other hand, some cases are appealed. Many firms which try cases are not set up to handle the appeal and have to hand the case off to another law firm. Kest Law can and has handled numerous appeals. Not only does this save you money by not having to hire another attorney to learn the case from square one, but it also keeps your trial counsel, the one most familar with your case to argue the case in front of the appeallate court.

Complex Commercial, Property and Construction Law:

Kest Law handles many complex commercial and construction cases. Most of these type of cases settle saving both sides time and money. However, when the parties cannot reach an agreement, Kest Law will not hesitate to take a case to trial. Trial experience is what sets Kest Law apart from many other business and construction firms.

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